Friday, 29 November 2013

OUT NOW!! "Reading the World Volume 1: A Global Journey Through Literature"

Ironically, my literary tour of the world by reading books is now a book itself!

I have now written up my travel experiences of my first year of the journey from 2009 to 2010 - which took me from England to Russia.

Because I wished to convey a real sense of travelling to and through these countries I determined to do at least some background research on each country before reading its accompanying book, as well as looking into exactly how one might travel from place to place. I have detailed these elements along with my reviews of each country’s book in the publication, and it has been fascinating to note the often convoluted means that one needs to take to travel across a simple land border due to a region’s politics (prime examples being between Israel and Palestine, and Kosovo and Serbia).

As a result, in my book you will join me not just in the written accounts by each country’s host author; but in interminable journeys in rickety buses, meandering river cruises through dense jungle, off road excursions in unofficial ‘taxis’ and numerous flights in planes of varying airworthiness...

The book is available for purchase from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle eBook. Click on links below to order!

Paperback version

Kindle eBook version

Reading the World website

PS: Currently in Swaziland on my journey - more updates soon!

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