Monday, 24 August 2009

Still in Italy. An update and some thanks...

As I thought, "The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana" is a fantastic read. Umberto Eco is a wonderful author, capable of combining complex characters with fascinating storylines that defy the categorisation of genres... I have just finished part one and am hooked! Also, some nice descriptions of Milan which remind me of time spend there...If he is true to his word and does not write another novel, we shall all be the poorer for it.

I also am looking ahead to future countries (as some do not have an established literary canon I thought it prudent to plan ahead...). In my current searches I wish to thank, for their generosity of time and advice (and, in some cases ,donating books!), the following:

Charlotte Knight (David Godwin Associates) - re: Montenegro
Pascal Seil - Conservateur-stagiaire, Centre national de littérature, Luxembourg
Cvetka Bevc - head of the office, Slovene Writers' Association
Gordana Zivkovic - re: Macedonia
Vesko - webmaster,

Again, thanks to all of the above.
However, I must restate my concern that I have no viable books for San Marino (which is not far away now!) or Montenegro... any suggestions welcome!!

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